Additional Services

With almost three decades in this business, we’ve seen a thing or two. And we call on that wealth of experience and knowledge to assist with a wide variety of appraisal related issues. Keep reading for information on just some of the services and consulting we offer. If you don’t see your specific need covered, make sure to get in touch with us regardless. Chances are we’ve tackled that too, or can refer you to someone who has the experience you seek.


Commercial Appraisal Review

Large appraisal management firms, banks and others look to the experienced Argianas team for appraisal reviews subject to standards of practice guided under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP Standard 3). An important nuance to always keep in mind is that an appraisal review is only a review of the appraiser’s approach and logic applied to the appraisal. In a review, we do not make a conclusion as to the final value. Instead we hope to confirm that the original appraiser approached the subject property with sound reasoning and rational logic.

Subject Matter Expert Testimony

Our appraisers have been called upon to provide subject matter expert witness testimonies in cases involving a variety of real estate valuation issues before federal and state courts in Arizona, California, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio. With his Juris Doctor of Law from John Marshall Law School and over 30 years of appraising and consulting experience, our founder Charles Argianas is exceptionally qualified to testify on the most technical aspects of a valuation yet make the information understandable in a courtroom.

Arbitration & Litigation Support

If an appraiser completes enough valuations, eventually he or she will be called upon to assist a client in a legal matter. Or sometimes it is the legal matter itself that leads to the request for a valuation expert to provide arbitration or litigation support. The Argianas team is experienced working alongside legal teams in multiple capacities, especially with the influence of founder Charles Argianas who holds his law degree in addition to being a respected expert in valuations.

Market Studies

Market studies are one of our most requested consulting services. Ranging from detailed investment analysis to feasibility studies to highest and best use cases, the same attention to detail we bring to valuations serves us, and you, well in these projects. And because our appraisal services have included such a diverse range of industries and properties, there are very few markets we are not already well-versed in understanding the intricacies.

Customized Services

In over 30 years in this business, no engagement has ever been the same. That variety keeps us on our toes and provides diversity to our work that we treasure. Combine that with our deep discovery and thorough data gathering process, and suddenly we find ourselves with an immense amount of knowledge that helps clients in unexpected ways. If you are in need of a unique service that you don’t see mentioned, make sure to contact us regardless. Even if we are unable to help, our wide network of business professionals surely can.