Letter from our Founder

As we move into our fourth decade in business, and as we continue to grow, our values of honesty, integrity and attention to detail will never change. Our company was built on seemingly simple principles, yet they have served to differentiate Argianas & Associates for nearly forty years:

We put people first.
We return phone calls.
We keep our promises.
We stand by our word.
We deliver only high-caliber work.

Even though our appraisers are experts in Argus Software, we still custom-write each page of our client reports, and always with a legal mindset. Our attention to detail often leads to over ninety paged appraisal reports, as we look at every detail of a property from the history, to the regional analysis of the area, to the zoning of the land, to the demographic profile of the area. We look at every angle because we believe that is the only way to give you a thorough understanding of the value of your property. We refuse to do business any other way.

We work tirelessly training our appraisers side-by-side with the Appraisal Institute, ensuring that each of our team members has real world experience developed by learning-while-doing while apprenticing with trained MAI professionals.

who we are the Argianas team

Our team is always focused on the project at hand, always asking the right questions. What is the functionally of the building? What is the use of the building? And moreover, why is a valuation required? We work together as a team to find the right solution while complying with the set standards and requirements and providing on-time delivery.

It is what my father George Argianas taught me when he started his real estate brokerage firm Arc Realty many years ago. He always said, “If you do not take care of your customer, someone else will.” I am so proud to have my name on the door of a firm where those values – to be fair, to be thorough, to be honest – are simply how we do business every single day, no matter the size and scope of the project.

Charles G. Argianas
Argianas & Associates Founder