Commercial Valuations

Commercial appraisals are where we got our start back in 1991 and they remain at the heart of what we love to do each-and-every day. We thrive when the project involves a complex property yet tackle a more standard request with the same amount of tenacity and care. Why is that? Because we know every property we appraise represents a person or a group of people, and nothing matters more to us than the commitment we make when we shake hands and agree to take on a project.

Custom reports done right. Every time.

Custom reports done right. Every time.

Our reputation is built from a steadfast commitment to produce comprehensive and custom written, not system generated, reports.

While many in our field write narrative appraisal reports by filling in the blanks in a computer program, we always custom-write each page of our client reports. And always with the legal mindset imparted on every team member by our founder, Charles Argianas, who holds a law degree. Your report will do more than give you a single number for your valuation. It will allow you and any other party interested in the property to fully understand the impact of every aspect of that property. 

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We have valuated some of the most iconic buildings spanning major cities across the United States. Here’s just a few:


Water Tower Place Shopping Mall, located on the Magnificent Mile is a mixed-use retail and office space with 758,000 square feet and 74 stories.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Building, a two-tower office building with 1,250,000 square feet and 40 floors.

Quaker Tower, named after its anchor tenant the Quaker Oats Company, located on the Chicago river with 845,000 square feet and 38 floors.


Trammel Crow Center, a postmodern skyscraper located in the Arts District with ‎1,128,327 square feet and 50 stories.

Los Angeles

City National Plaza (formerly known as the ARCO Towers Plaza) is an Art-deco twin tower complex located in downtown LA with 4,600,000 square feet and 52 floors.

Chase Plaza, a triangular glass high-rise located in Bunker Hill with 700,000 square feet and 22 floors.

New York

ABC Headquarters Tower is home to the American Broadcasting Company with 1,200,000 square feet and 22 floors.


Wanamaker Building was home to the first department store in Philadelphia built in the Florentine style with 1,100,000 square feet and 12 floors.