County Governments

Our knowledgeable appraisers have decades of experience working on the side of local governments and municipalities in tax appeal cases throughout Illinois, the Midwest and the United States. We know how quickly it can feel like you are being outmaneuvered by deep in-house teams and big law firms representing what might be your biggest contributor to your tax base. Our goal is to be your bench of experts to help even the playing field.

Strategic Valuation Reports Backed By Expert Testimony When Needed

We understand the complexities of what an effective rebuttal to a government tax appeal requires. Our first objective is to write a clear, informative and compelling real estate valuation report to support your argument and refute the opposition to help you settle your case out of court. When that is not possible, our combined 80-plus years of experience means we know our way around a court room. Founder Charles Argianas holds his Juris Doctor of Law from John Marshall Law School and he understands the procedural and substantive nuances of property tax appeal.

A Partial List of Appraisals For Tax Appeals We Have Provided

Sears HQ in Hoffman Estates, IL
Motorola HQ in Schaumburg, IL
Allstate HQ in Northbrook, IL
UPS Hub Facility in Hodgkins, IL
Prudential Plaza in Chicago, IL
Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, IL
Hennepin Steel Mill, Hennepin, IL
Water Main to Rural Illinois
Super-Regional Shopping Mall, Midwest U.S.