Company History

Argianas & Associates was started in 1990 by Charles G. Argianas. Charles was inspired to start the firm by his father George, an entrepreneur himself, who founded a real estate brokerage firm, Arc Reality, after serving in the Navy during World War II. George Argianas said often, “If you do not take care of your customer, someone else will.” That statement resonated with Charles as he began his real estate valuation and consulting firm and is one of the bedrocks of the firm to this day.

Alexander Argianas and Charles Argianas

Throughout the coming decades, the Argianas team will appraise some of the most iconic buildings spanning major cities across the United States. Well-known landmarks like ABC Headquarters Tower in New York and Water Tower Place Shopping Mall in Chicago can be challenging due to their uniqueness and prominence. Tackling challenging valuations is what Argianas has become known for as the firm has matured.

Charles Argianas & Alexander Argianas

But that in no way means that the more typical engagements, be it a supermarket or an office building, are any less important to Argianas. That commitment to taking care of every customer, no matter the size, has not changed throughout the decades. With over ten billion dollars (and counting) in real estate valuations completed by the team, services include both commercial and residential properties. Early on Charles recognized a void in the marketplace for appraisers with expertise in both.

Argianas & Associates

Argianas’ future now includes the third generation of the family entering the real estate industry as Alexander joined the firm in 2017. He too takes those words to heart and ensures that the company continues to hold to the standard of impeccable client service set by his grandfather.