Forbes Feature: What is the Secret to a Good AVM?

Charles Argianas explains how an appraiser is the secret to a good AVM

If you’re in the real estate space, no doubt you’ve run into the topic of AVMs. We get it, they’re popular and we’ve spent much time thinking of what life with technology and machine learning will look like. “One thing I’m confident of,” says Vice President Alexander Argianas, “is that this topic evokes strong feelings in people, be it fear of the unknown, curiosity about the future, or the tech-savvy business professional looking to improve efficiency in their process; people want answers about tech that are thoughtful and discussed in a way that leaves them understanding it, beyond buzzwords, more substance. If you can’t explain it in simple words, you don’t understand it.”

Discussions centered around AVMs often leave out crucial details that dispel the fear of such technologies, like what metrics are used to test the efficacy of AVMs and what class of AVMs exist. In our current featured Forbes piece, we take a deep dive into AVMs, where they came from, what they do and how they’re tested for accuracy and more importantly what they don’t do. Spoiler, your job is safe; at least for now! (Cue ominous music). Check out the full article, “The Secret To A Good AVM Is An Appraiser” here.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to sharing all the research that didn’t make it into the article.