Sharing Expert Insights about Insurance

Alexander Argianas and Karrie McRight share thoughts about insurance and appraisals

If you ask Vice President Alexander Argianas to list of some key points he’s learned over the years, he’ll probably include “staying in your professional lane” as one of them. Why? “We are experts at what we do but sometimes we have a client that has a multi-faceted issue that breaches the appraisal and commercial real estate scope,” shared Alex. “Be it pertaining to law, insurance, or tax related issues, knowing when and who to refer your clients to is crucial; our clients benefit from the expert networks we’re constantly cultivating in our professional practice as real estate experts.”

While we are humbled and appreciative to be included in the brain trusts of so many of our colleagues, we also enjoy the opportunity to share the expert insights of those we surround ourselves with. Recently, Alexander had the chance to sit down and speak with one such expert in Commercial Insurance, Karri McRight, a commercial lines advisor with Dimond Bros Insurance. Join Alexander and Karri as they share their thoughts about how insurance and appraisals are different and how they are surprisingly, in many ways, similar.