Argianas to Provide Continuing Education for CPAs

Real Estate Education from Impartial & Objective Experts

The Real Estate space is filled with many voices with different agendas. Who can you trust? For the team at Argianas, we’re impartial, in fact it’s one of the mandated tenants of our industry as we guide our clients with analysis and objective market-based advice. “Real Estate doesn’t need to be economic voodoo” shared President and Chief Appraiser Chuck Argianas. “If you can’t explain what you’re looking for, how it’s done, and what the product you’re holding in your hand says, you don’t really understand our field and your client will potentially be at a disservice.”

The team at Argianas has created our courses with these wise words in mind. Our multiple courses have easy to follow syllabi with objectives and presentations, along with common sense logic. At the end of our course, attendees are able to check their knowledge with a quiz and receive a certificate of attendance to be applied for credit towards their continuing education. Your time is important and reading the words verbatim from a PowerPoint has never been a meaningful experience for anyone.

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It may not be obvious at first, but part of why our clients are so successful in using our services is that in addition to the appraisal report we provide, we also spend a lot of time on education. It’s something that comes with what we do.

Why do we do it? Because our clients and in turn their clients, are stronger when they understand the appraisal process and why our team operates and crafts the appraisal the way we do. “When you write an appraisal from scratch as we do, you understand the nuances, what to include, what to provide further analysis of, these are things you simply cannot get from firms who are using automated or canned software” shared Chuck Argianas. “Clients we have worked with know what to watch out for, can identify a poorly written/supported appraisal, and when crucial information is missing; this specialized knowledge they gain is without a doubt impactful to their own practices and clients.”

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CPAs choosing to earn continuing education for credit will be treated to one of the courses the Argianas team has carefully curated. Our courses range from simple introductory concepts to complex case studies. “Whether you’re helping a client through an estate settlement or working through a complex case with varying value propositions, you will leave our course with a superior knowledge of Real Estate Valuation”, shared Alexander Argianas, Vice President & Client Liaison. “We’re not out to teach everyone to be an appraiser, but clients who attend our courses will leave with a sophisticated level of knowledge that will aid them in their own practices.”

To learn more about our course offerings (in-person or remote) and how we teach with honesty, integrity, and attention to detail, contact our a member of our team using our contact form or reach out to our office at 1-630-390-0113.