How To Build Equity in Your Home

Argianas & Associates VP, Alexander Argianas, Featured in Redfin

When trying to build home equity, increasing your property value through renovating, adding on to your home or paying off your mortgage may seem like the best place to start. But that isn’t always true. There are other factors to consider that might not be as obvious.

Recently, Redfin published an article on how to build equity in your home and our very own Alexander Argianas, Vice President of Argianas and Associates, contributed his thoughts. Before updating your kitchen, he feels that it is a better idea to make sure the home heats and cools properly, and the roof doesn’t leak. “Your first priority, if you have been putting them off, should be superstructure and mechanicals like the roof, HVAC system, electrical and plumbing,” says Alexander.

To learn more tips from Alexander and other experts on the most effective ways to build equity in your home, check out the full article here.