The Future of Argianas & Associates

Alexander Argianas is included in "Next Gens to Watch 2019"

A family business looking to be successful for multiple generations requires young people who have a passion for their work. These up-and-coming leaders must be committed to guiding their businesses into the future while overcoming unique barriers that only those in a family business can truly understand.

Every year Family Business Magazine includes a “NextGens to Watch” class that spotlights 25 up-and-coming leaders age 35 and under who are making a significant impact in their family enterprises. Selected individuals represent the second through fifth generations in their family businesses. These NextGens must prove themselves to not only their parents and other relatives, but also non-family employees, community members and others who might pre-judge them because of the stigma that comes with sharing the name that’s on the door of the company. In addition to proving themselves, they must learn how to navigate and manage a variety of relationships while also learning about the family business.

Argianas & Associates is proud to announce that the “NextGens to Watch 2019” class includes our very own Alexander Argianas, Vice President at Argianas & Associates.

the early days

Prior to joining his father at the real estate valuation and consulting firm, Alex attended graduate school where he studied microbiology and immunology. In 2017, Alex joined Argianas & Associates which was founded by his father, Charles Argianas, in 1990. Making the choice to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Chicago commercial appraiser, Alex took on a full course load to gain knowledge about finance and appraisal practice while working full-time at the firm.

no job is too big or too small

Currently, Alex serves as Vice President where his responsibilities include providing consulting services as a Chicago commercial appraiser, assisting the firm’s IT services, human resources, marketing, asset management (commercial, residential and industrial properties) and sales/customer service support.

In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities, Alex has helped update internal processes, revamp the firm’s website and upgrade its phone system. Remaining future-focused, he’s also created a variety of new marketing materials and assisted in recruiting new talent.

“From sales, to marketing, to appraisals, he will do it, and he’ll do it without an ego. Alex has taken this responsibility and, due in large part to his efforts, helped our practice grow by 20%,” Charles said.

looking to the future

Now with a son of his own, Alex better understands and holds a greater appreciation for his dad and the business. “We’ve entered a new stage in our relationship, as he is now grandfather to my son,” Alex said. “I hope I am fortunate enough to share my career with my son as well.”

As for the Chicago-based firm, Alex will continue to push Argianas & Associates into the future as well as break through the barriers that NextGen’s face in family business. No one is prouder than founder and father to have his son step into this role. He’s eager to see how Alex continues to shape the family business. “He is most certainly an asset, and we’re lucky to have him working with us,” reflected Charles. “With all the future plans he has for our firm, I’m excited to see what he does.”

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